Flatlands is an art book Brendan released as part of his print studio, Each and Every Press, at Power of the Press Fest in Detroit. The images within are stills from a video of a woman’s shadow passing over trimmed hedges. This publication was created through a series of experiments with shape, color layering, and the translation of video to print. He was excited about the idea of a book that transformed when unfolded. When layered, the pages look like the hills that surround the Oakland flatlands, where the video was taken.

He used a Cricut plotting machine to cut out each page’s silhouette, allowing me to produce a run of identically shaped books with detailed profiles. He printed the books on green paper using black and yellow ink to create the coloration of the scene depicted and used colored pencil for the white lettering. The Risograph printer and hand drawn quality of the colored pencil introduced subtle differences in saturation and alignment from page to page and book to book.